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Tired of Lifeless Loops?

Every single MIDI file recorded by a seasoned pro to breathe life into your music. You will not find this much quality in one place, anywhere else.

Always in the Loop

Just imagine having everything in one place. No more buying endless MIDI packs to cover all bases. Melodies, chords progressions, samples and a full chord pack so you can create your own progressions.

  • Works with any MIDI-enabled DAW

    Apply the MIDI to your best samples and prepare to be amazed. You won't believe how great your virtual instruments can sound.

  • WAV files included for a richer sound

    Played on some of the greatest synths in history, with WAV loops of an acoustic, close miked grand piano for realism and style.

Dance Euphoria
Epic dance nirvana
Remind Me Tomorrow
Reflective chord extensions
After Dark
Moody minor chord progression
180 Bounce Police
Syncopated rhythms and moving triads



We’ve all been there. Staring into your DAW waiting for inspiration to strike. But it never comes when you need it.

That’s about to change. This pack is designed for YOU. Using my experience at the top end of the live and recorded music scene, armed with the technique and know how, to create music that will astound those around you, I have created the ultimate in professional.

With MIDI Loops Pro, you will not find a better MIDI pack. It really is that simple. Featuring over 1,200 MIDI Loops and over 200 live WAV Loops, you will not find this much quality in one place anywhere else. Let's cut to the chase. Here's what you get:

What's included

  • Over 1,200 quality MIDI loops

  • 200 incredible WAV loops

  • Melodies

  • Progressions

  • A full MIDI chord pack

  • Chordal WAV previews

  • An essential PDF guide

  • Unique and logical folder structure

And the best bit? You need no music theory to get the most from this pack. By simply using your ears, you could be on the way to your next hit.

MIDI Loops Pro is designed to keep you creating. Who has time to analyse a chord structure and check their voice leading? Let me do it for you! Sure, you’re competent and you have skills, but you also know you need the hands of a pro in their field to add that finishing touch.

Watch this video to see what you get

Arranged by tempo and chord progression, you can simply drag and drop these flawless MIDI tracks into your DAW and complete your track today. You are 1 click away.

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Why are you offering this amazing product?

As a live player, when COVID-19 hit, everything else slowed down. Live performances banned, audiences not allowed to gather. This was bad news for the industry.

The music industry has been hit hard by coronavirus with live performance the biggest casualty.

But for me, this was great. It was an opportunity. Finally I had the time to make what I had wanted to make for years! When you’re out gigging every night, playing sessions everyday, you don’t have time to sit down at your piano and play thousands of loops because you’re already out there providing them for the top producers and artists.

So as soon as lockdown hit, I was writing. Every. Damn. Day. Getting my favourite chord sequences and structures from my mind and into my DAW. Then the hours of editing began. We’re not talking quantising. We’re talking far far deeper. Checking the velocities of each loop to make sure you’re getting the voice leading you need, thinning out unnecessary doubled notes that will just clog up your mix and then organising everything into easy to use folders.

This is my experience and knowledge. This is tens of thousands of hours poured into one pack and I am so proud to be able to share it with you.

“When I first got access to this MIDI pack, my jaw hit the floor. I was lucky enough to get early access to the Ultimate Edition pack and it's completely cured my writer's block. This thing is amazing.”

Ready to dive in?

I want you to succeed. I want you to produce music that is outstanding, music that astounds those around you and makes them wish they had that idea. And I want you to have the opportunity to do so with no risk.

That is why MIDI Loops Pro comes with a full 14 day money back guarantee. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

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